I have returned! Well..I never actually went anywhere, but er…Yea, you know what I mean.

So here we have Stonehenge. I was surprised by how many people didn’t realise this was in England. And believe it or not, some of those people were actually English! I really wanted to include it in my comic, my reason being is that I do expect it’s going to be around long after I am gone. I imagine there will be many people in the future that will still come and see it. Even if the world has gone to pot (like in my comic), it will still be standing there.

The structure is about 5000 years old (give or take a few hundred years), it’s lived through a LOT. Victorians use to chip bits off it, hippies would camp and feast around it and a lot of people didn’t have much respect for this structure until the English Heritage fenced it off and charge for you to go in and see it. It’s a bit pricey, but great to see at least once if your in or visiting the UK.

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