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CARA: Get back and stay quiet!

I think I’m getting quicker at doing backgrounds *tiny victory dance when no one’s looking* It still feels a little odd only uploading one page a week >.< I know most people do it this way, and I don’t want to rush, but I’m wanting to hurry up already!

I’VE STARTED UP A PATREON PAGE!! If you’d like to show your support to Tethered, please take a look! I’ve only just started it up and still working it out, but you will get an extra page of Tethered if you do become a Patron!


Some of you guys must have the patience of saints. OH! OH! And also, for those of you who haven’t seen her yet….MY NEW AXOLOTL! I have decided to call the white one ‘Princess Bubblegum’ and the black one ‘Marceline’ 😀 *feels like such a cool kid*


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