The Story

Tethered is a webcomic set in a dystopian Britain, in the aftermath of a war that has left all countries and political powers in ruin. We follow an unlikely partnership of a young woman and a medical droid as they travel up the country in search of hope… but with the lingering threat of chemical warfare, dangerous scavengers and desperate survivors at every turn, it will be a journey not easily made.


In August 2015, after a spur of a moment decision, Tasha entered Tethered into the LINE Webtoons Sci-fi contest. It was a long and very challenging battle, but eventually Tethered came 2nd among over 800 entries! The comic gained many new and awesome readers, as well as boosting her confidence in storytelling (though don’t worry, she knows not to let her head get too big!)



Natasha Dancy

The artist and creator of Tethered, who thrives in cold dank places and can communicate with cats. Occasionally enjoys Vegemite on crumpets, less occasionally enjoys opinionated people, and really doesn’t like it when stuff is taken without asking *HISSES*…Oh, and Tasha hisses quite a lot. 

Tasha also does another ongoing webcomic called Hoi Butt! which is a diary comic about her life and asexual relationship with her partner Shane Sheenan!

P.S. Though Tasha is a working artist, she is no longer available for commissions, favours, or drawing art for anyone other that herself and in her day job.

Daniel Sharp

Occasional beta reader and sometimes assists by discussing ideas! Helped to co-write pages 90-134! Also writes for the amazing webcomic ‘Demon Archives‘!

Justin Dorey

Web designer and internet super villain (and a pretty darn good pal)! Helps with the constant battle against hackers and the odd website hiccups! Check out his awesome youtube channel —> [CLICK HERE]

Timur Askerov

The official dedicated Tethered Russian translator! You can read the Russian translation [HERE]!