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CARA: Let's head to the railway line. We'll go around.
ED: Would it not fit our time scale better to pass through?
CARA: It's not safe in towns and cities.

Some lovely places around Warminster, other than Stonehenge, there’s the National Trust house ‘Stourhead’ and Longleat park. Two places I recommend visiting if you are in the area!

I’ve got so many awesome webcomics to shout about! But please take a look at my links page for a list of some of the ones I’m currently reading!

Ones I’m also reading, but not included in links are (click on titles to view website):

DEMON ARCHIVES – So well written and amazing artwork. It’s a sci-fi story set in the aftermath of an ‘apocalypse’ where society is finally building itself back up. Despite this, there are still many dangers lurking around. With the constant threat of raider parties, we follow a team who fight for what civilisation is worth protecting, they soon discover it’s not just raiders they need to be wary of. 

MARK OF THE BEAST – I ended up ploughing through this comic! It can be a little wordy at times, but it’s worth the read! Hilarious and bizarre characters! The story doesn’t really focus on one character as there are many with their own fun and interesting tale that’s somehow intertwined with one another. To sum it up, I’d say it’s very much a mixture of ‘Kick-ass’ (film) and ‘Night Vale’ (podcast).

BEEFPAPER – This site is filled with cute and hilarious little comics about the artist (Shane Sheenan)! With his simple but very more-ish style and kooky humour, you’ll soon find yourself flicking through his entire archive to see what shenanigans he gets up to next. Now and then including either people from work, a cool chick named Amber (who has an obsession with marker pens and Shane’s face) and a pig he ordered from some fast food restaurant.


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