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MIKE: Did we lose them?
CARA: Kid, do you have someplace safe to go?
MIKE: I'm Mike! And yeah! We live not too far from here.
CARA: Good. Come on, we're leaving.
MIKE: Hold on a sec, why don't you come with me? Those guys might still be out there!
CARA: Not my problem. We're just passing through.
MIKE: Passing through to where?
CARA: *Sigh*
MIKE: You can't get very far in this weather.
MIKE: My folks are close! It's safe and we have food. You can wait out the rain with us!
CARA: Lead the way.

So much DIALOGUE! I’ve decided to not be lazy about the speech bubbles and actually draw them! *Feels super professional* So yesterday was my sisters birthday 😀

HAPPY BIRTHDAY TK! Tonight we are going to a vegan restaurant (yes…She’s one of THOSE) Though to be fair I’m a veggie too, I just…Can’t live without my cheese or milk chocolate! *Weak*.

Hope you all have a great weekend! Thanks for your support and comments in advance!

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