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GIRL: I can't see anything in this flippin' rain...
MAN 1: So what, we just let them get away after what they did?
MAN 2: No, they'll get theirs. Didn't you notice something ODD about that guy who grabbed the kid?
GIRL: Yeah, his face was all bandaged up, how could he see?
MAN 2: That, and when I hit his arm, it didn't feel like flesh.
MAN 1: Are you saying...
MAN 2: Yeah, it was definitely a scrappy. Let's go tell the boss.

How on earth is it already October?! WHERE IS THE YEAR DISAPPEARING TOO?! Ooooh, and only 6 more pages until I reach 100!! Just a heads up, I am going to take a couple of weeks off from uploading so that I can catch up with my buffer (which is currently at zero!!) so please be patient while I do : ( sorry for the wait!

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