OK EVERYONE! So this is the last episode update until after the wedding πŸ™‚ I am going to be taking around a 1.5-2 months off for everything, so I apologise in advance for the long silence that’s about to come up…For the next 2.5 weeks Shane and I will be going on lots of family adventures coz his mum is over from NZ! *SUPER EXCITED* So thanks in advance for your patience!!

As Ed and Cara sit in silence, both caught up in their own thoughts, the gas swirls around their isolated sanctuary while they wait for the danger to pass. Ed’s gaze falls upon an old propaganda poster stamped a familiar but haunting symbol. The mark of Rothers Ark.

For those of you who have keen eyes, you may have come across this symbol in previous episodes, it will be something I shall be exploring more in the next chapter, so stick around, I’m sure there are plenty of questions which have built up since I began this comic that I do plan on answering soon!

Cara continues to struggle with what she has lost in the past, as we know, it is something that torments her, but Ed’s kindness is soothing and ever-so-gently chipping away at those walls she has held up for so long.