TETHERED CONTINUES TO LIVE! I drew this cover page a few months back XD but now I am not happy with it so I will be redoing it! I just thought I’d at least show you all 😛 a sneak peak for Cara’s new clothing <U<

I am working on inking the new pages now, while Shane is helping me do the flats! I am super sorry for such a long wait, it was longer than expected simply because a LOT has been happening recently (going to Thought Bubble, visiting family, having my wisdom tooth out, getting engaged to Shane, and NOW CHRISTMAS!) I also have been getting a little stressed because keeping up with everything exhausted me. I just ended up having no energy to do too much artwork 🙁

BUT I HAVE RECOVERED! And soooo ready to start uploading again soon! I want to wait to finish 15 pages, so the wait won’t be too far off now 😀 I PROMISE!

Thank you for your patience with this, and I hope you enjoy what I have in store! Take care everyone, and HAPPY HOLIDAYS!!

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