Starting with a 3 page upload :D!!! I won’t be able to do 3 pages forever because it’s exhausting keeping up with this and a full time job, but you will get them for the next few updates!!

For those on Patreon, you know what this vessel is =w= I originally designed it perhaps 2 years ago now, and it’s only JUST being seen in the comic haha!

Anyhow guys and gals, I hope you all have had an awesome New Years and Holiday period!! Sorry Shane and I went a little quiet, we’ve been busy enjoying our first Christmas together (mostly playing Fallout 4 while staying up til 4am 😛 shhhh, don’t tell anyone)!

We’ve also watched SO MANY MOVIES! Including Rogue One…WHICH WE LOVED! *SNOT ASHAMED* We just bought ourselves a little Ghost model as well XD if you’ve seen Star Wars Rebels you will understand what this is 😛 Shane was very proud of himself when he noticed the Ghost as an Easter Egg in the film XD


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