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So creepiness begins today, and nothing more creepy than Valentines day >: D especially considering it’s the birth date of my littlest sister, who is by far the most evil of us four (Haaa, I joke, we all know I took all the evil before you guys! Happy 13th Birthday baby sister!)

I would also like to do a couple of shout-outs of some fellow webcomic artists who I really don’t think I can appreciate enough, they’ve shown such an astounding amount of support towards myself and Tethered…It’s enough to warm the soul!:

Ethan Kocak artist and creator of The Black Mudpuppy!

Kyle Sanders who’s the artist on the comic strips Carbon Dating!

Jim Haas and his wonderful comic Nate The Robot

Aaaand Vince Dorce along with his award winning comic The Untold Tales of Big Foot! 

If you’re friends with me on facebook or have liked the Tethered facebook page, you’ve probably seen me mention them before. But I don’t care >:D and I will continue doing so!

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