When Quinn first made the decision to purchase Ed, he managed to obtain a copy of the maternity ward program and add it into Ed’s database. A first step in Ed’s personality development, as most droids are only programmed with what they need to (in Ed’s case it would be working in the neurology ward within a hospital environment), he had to be adjusted to cope with various situations within an ever-changing house hold.

It didn’t take long for a bond to form between Ed and Ewan. Ed was a sign of comfort for Ewan during the early months of his growth, and it seemed that he was sensitive to the stress and upset his parents were going through at the time.

During the beginning, though Alana did not like the idea of a machine taking care of their child, she couldn’t deny the aid gave her ease. Quinn and Alana both ended up taking a step back and relied more and more on Ed’s assistance during Ewan’s upbringing.

Also a little side note, this was the point where Ed’s antenna became permanently bent, it was meant to be replaced soon after but it was one of those jobs that they just ‘never got around to doing’. It eventually was something that they got used to, and developed into Ed’s uniqueness which Quinn and Ewan grew very fond of for their own sentimental reasons.

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