Ahhh, sweet mysteries =w= I am surprised Cara isn’t dead with all the head injuries she sustained, was thinking about it the other day, coz if I was her, I’d probably be dead. YAY FOR CREATIVE LICENSE OR SOMETHING LIKE THAT! Anyway, I’ve been busy writing a lot of back story recently @u@ you guys are going to find out a heck of a lot about these guys in the next chapter XD but I won’t give it all away >U>

I am also trying to work on some promotional material for when Shane and I go to Thought Bubble this year >w< hopefully we can meet some awesome people and get chatting! But we shall see!! Mostly wanting to scope the place out so we can possibly get a stall there next year @u@;; If any of you guys are going, feel free to let us know and say hiiii!!

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