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WIDE INT. DINING AREA - CARA and MIKE are standing at the dinner table, standing at one end while a variety of other people are sitting down looking up in silence, some uncertain, some smiling politely

SHOT OF CARA and MIKE - MIKE seems cool about the situation, waving for CARA to follow who appears reserved, not liking so many eyes on her

This way! I sit over here.

MIKE and CARA have sat down, the person next to CARA shifts away, looking unhappy to be so close. MIKE is passing CARA a bowl of stew.

Gina does the cooking around here, she can make anything taste good! If we’re lucky we might even get a couple of blackberries for dessert!

CARA has removed her hood and we can see BEN in the background, staring at her. MIKE continues to talk while CARA examines the bowl.

I picked a load of blackberries for last time! They got a bit squished though because I fell on them, and since all the inside of my bag smells like berries now, I have trouble with ants, and one bit me right on the-

ROBIN leans forward, removing MIKE’S hat and giving a stern motherly glance to him, CARA is eating her STEW and the person next to her is leaning to the person next to them as they address them and smiling. MIKE is looking embarrassed and upset at being told off in front of CARA.

Mike, give it a rest and let us all eat in peace for change. And what have I told you about wearing your hat at the dinner table?

That kid can talk for flicking England!

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