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WIDE EXT. CAR - MIKE is waiting outside, smiling, looking over at a guard standing next to him

MIKE jumps to the side and turns, grinning up as CARA exits the car


CARA pulls her hood again and follows MIKE, looking at the guard as he continues talking

We’ve got something good today, rabbit stew! Marcus managed to catch two big ones today in the old quarry!

MIKE leans back slightly, trying to look all cool as he addresses CARA who doesn’t quite know how to respond, showing her lack of decent interaction with people over the years.

I’ve asked mum, and she said you can sit next to me, so don’t worry about anything.

Hey guys!!

Well, I’m back from New Zealand! And I had such a freaking AWESOME time! I want to give a huge thank you to Shane Sheenan of Beefpaper and his family for taking care of me while out there. You guys have been brilliant, and made my trip even more special!!


That time away was much needed, and very valued, it also gave me time away to really think about things and gave me such a wakeup call for so much, including my own priorities…I don’t usually write blogs like this, but I do need to just get this off my chest, so please bear with me!


When you have such amazing times away from regular life, I am sure everyone feels some sense of relief, and realisation, but after travelling the WHOLE WORLD! You realise how big it is and how small we are. It also made me realise how you need to really appreciate what we do have. And what I have is amazing, and in some ways I’ve always known this because it’s one of the main reasons I started Tethered. I’ve always wanted to get a message across of the value of family and true friendship and how, above all else, even if you lost every materialistic asset in the world, you would still have them by your side.


What I cannot stand however are those people in this world that don’t see this, they prefer to complain or involve themselves so much into other peoples lives, and personal business rather than take interest in their own. I’ve met, seen, heard or spoken to many people like this, and I am not going to rant on about them, but for those of you out there, all I ask is that you stop and think about your actions and how it makes other people feel. I personally cannot stand it when people pry into my business, it’s my life, and how exactly should it be part of yours unless I suggest otherwise?


Anyway, there’s lots to look forward to so not going to dwell, especially after such a great time in NZ. Oh, also, I would recommend skydiving to EVERYONE! It’s flippin’ amazing!! Take care all and thanks for your support with Tethered! YOU GUYS ARE GREAT!

Please feel free to email me at contacttetheredcomic@gmail.com if you want to give me any feedback or comments, its always good to hear from you guys!

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