Okay, well I made this page to upload onto Patreon because I am wanting to buy time to make a buffer and I’ve only just realised that THIS PAGE DIDN’T POST DX I either closed the browser or it glitched and didn’t do it ๐Ÿ™ so sorry to my Patrons, I have uploaded it along with the new page…Really don’t know what happened there!

Anyway, in regards to this image. I really wanted to draw an image of Cara before she met Ed, she’s constantly deep in thought, devising plans and considering her options. Cara is a survivor, and has a lot of determination to back that. I do leave clues around, that you probably won’t really notice until later XD Her time before Ed was cold, and the introduction to Ed threatened her way of thinking, the shadows that surround her are influenced by the brightness of Ed’s personality, which she becomes easily irritable with. I wouldn’t say so much that she ‘enjoys’ being angry and upset, but she uses it as a fuel to push her forward. More about this later! Sorry for the brief break in the story, but I really want to make sure my buffer gets up!


Please feel free to email me at contacttetheredcomic@gmail.com if you want to give me any feedback or comments, its always good to hear from you guys!

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