↓ Transcript
BOSS: How much energy do we have left?
AIDE: If we conserve power, maybe enough to last us through the rest of week.
BOSS: Damnit! What are our options?
MAN 1: Um, boss?
BOSS: What? Oh, it’s you. - Did you catch that little train wreck?
MAN 1: Um, no, he got away.
BOSS: I’m surrounded by idiots.
MAN 1: But....
BOSS: If you don't have anything for me, then stop wasting my time, unless you WANT to See Green.

HEY! I am so sorry for the late upload this week, and REALLY SORRY TO MY PATREONS!! I have had a crazy week @_@ but it’s all good! I also have the next two weeks off so I plan to do a bunch of comics and have a massive sort out : ) I am also playing Pathfinder with some really cool online friends! Dan Sharp, Jeremy Aleman, Amaare, Shane Sheenan and my SUPER DUPER SISTER Takara Dancy! Wish me luck that I win >:3

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