GAH! 200 PAGES!!! WOOO!!!

*COUGHS* anyway…

Ed’s past wasn’t exactly a happy one, but there was always something that he would find to appreciate, and it usually came in small sizes! This was the beginning of a special bond Ed developed, one he will always treasure.

Unfortunately Ewan’s parents weren’t the easiest to be around, though it seemed difficult Ed was as understanding as he could be, given the reasons why they argued was emotionally tough for them to deal with.

More on that coming soon!

[SIDE NOTE] As many people were asking about the change in facial feature colour, I thought I’d give a little explanation! Green is actually the default colour for the M.E.D’s, but at some point during Ed’s past he had his colours switched, as you can actually customise the droids. Some people like to use this customisation if the droids come from certain wards (such as maternity, orthodontics etc), this is so that you know what the droids have been pre-programmed with. The orange however is not to represent a specialism, it is simply a preferred colour. I think I will leave it there for now 😉

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