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Put the captives out back and close the gate!

What do we do about them?


Hey peeps! Sorry this one is a tad late >.<; I’ve not been feeling great recently and have been finding it difficult to draw or concentrate x.x I am slowly getting back into the swing of things, but I apologise if I am slow with the rest of this chapter ;_;

A couple of good things though!! I got the prize money from the LineWebtoon contest!!! My mums course is all paid for now :D!!! So she is super happy, plus she also has been doing really well on her exams, got a distinction in her most recent one! *SUPER PROUD OF HER* Thank you to everyone who voted, you have helped to get us this far!! YOU ARE ALL SO AWESOME!!

Another awesome thing…I totally made another guest comic for Shane Sheenan of Beefpaper U_U you can read it here! —> [CLICK HERE NOW] <—

Please feel free to email me at contacttetheredcomic@gmail.com if you want to give me any feedback or comments, its always good to hear from you guys!

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