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Like ninja’s of the night!

I'm afraid my ninja skills are a little rusty these days...


This way! Onwards man!

How does someone so small contain so much energy?


You gotta promise not to tell anyone about this, especially my mum.

I promise.

Well this has been an eventful week 😀 we’ve managed to raise over £2000 for my sisters new wheelchair! Over 1/3 of a way there! I’d like to extend a special thanks to all my webcomic buddies, so many of you have helped and/or contributed with getting us this far, myself and my family will definitely not forget your kindness!!

And thank you to everyone who I work with in my day job, you guys are awesome! Though, you know I’d never tell you that to your face, so don’t expect special treatment from me UwÚ *creepy-strokes Tomomi, messes up Sarah’s desk, while flicking water at Georgie and eats Steve’s food*.

If you’d like to know more about what that’s all about (if you don’t already) then please click the link below!

ALSO!!! Shane Sheenan of Beefpaper and I totally did a guest comic collaboration for Austin of the Dairy Boy Comics! Check it out [HERE]!

Please feel free to email me at contacttetheredcomic@gmail.com if you want to give me any feedback or comments, its always good to hear from you guys!

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