How long does it take for you to complete a page of Tethered?

It depends on what the content is to be honest, a one page spread will only take me a couple of hours, whereas a typical 5 panel page, from start to finish can take me over 10 hours to complete. That includes script, thumbnailing, sketching, line art, colouring, background, shading and adding dialogue.


What do you use to create Tethered?

I currently use Photoshop CC. I did get Manga Studio to try that out, but I can’t seem to find a good flow with that program (yet). I’ve been using Photoshop for over 10 years now, so it’s the program I am most comfortable with.


Why do people seem to hate the robots?

They don’t hate them, they just want their power cells.


Why do people need droid cells so badly? Can’t they use solar panels or wind farming?

The answer to this is: they’ll take whatever’s available.

Solar panels are around, but when they break, there is no fixing them unless you know how to, and as for wind farming, not everyone has those in their back gardens, and harvesting a large amount of energy needed to run a community can prove troublesome.

Droid power cells are small, and pack a lot of punch, so they tend to go for those because they are the easiest and most efficient source of energy.

However, over the years most droids have been unable to recharge, and are slowly using their batteries, so the ones that are left don’t have the amount of energy that they used to have nearer the beginning of the war. Throughout the story you will see how various people tackle this predicament, and overcome the obstacles the war had burdened onto them all.


Why can’t the woman just take off the gas mask and leave the droid behind?

As Ed has previously established “my parts only work when I’m attached.” inside his chest he has working generators that switch to which ever gas he requires at the time. He has canisters for anesthetic and an oxygen purifier system, which cannot be maintained if removed from his system.


Why is the girl so mean to Ed?

In the beginning, she was irritated at him for stopping her from what she believed ‘needed to be done’ by pulling back on the cord and almost getting her killed. There are other reasons behind her coldness, which you will find out much later on in the story.


Is Ed gay?

Nah, he’s an android! But if I must give him a sexuality, he’s asexual. The reason why he’s quite feminine is because he doesn’t identify with either gender. Though there are a few other reasons why he’s adapted towards a feminine personality, but this will be more evident further into the story.


Have you written out the whole story?

I have the whole story planned, though the script isn’t written out, I have a pretty solid idea of how I want Tethered to end. Which won’t be for a very long time at this rate! So please feel free to sit back, relax, and enjoy the rest of the story as I reveal it!


Will you ever go back to more than one upload a week?

Unfortunately this is unlikely. Though I would absolutely love to, I can’t physically keep up with such a tight schedule due to how long it takes me to finish one page.


Do you do commissions or take requests?

Simple answer to this is, nope! Sorry guys!


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