Again, Hi everyone!

First off I am so sorry it has taken so long to make this announcement. Long story short, I have rebooted Tethered under the name ‘Khepra’. I’ve also re-designed the entire thing as well (yea…I went all-out).

I also have made the decision to only upload the new comic to Webtoons, and to delete most of the original comic on that platform. I will, however, be keeping it here because I am still proud of what I did do, it just wasn’t going in the right direction for me. I will eventually get around to uploading the remaining pages of Tethered onto the website too…heh…..Yea I am a bit slack with that…I got tired and gave up at one point 😅

I wanted there to be a decent amount of comics up there before making the announcement here so that original readers had something decent to read. I have currently drawn up to episode 25, though there are only 12 episodes up on Webtoons, enough for you to get a decent taster of what I’ve done at least!

Anyhow, I am sure many of you are wondering why I made this decision, and what the heck happened. Here’s a low-down of it!

The more I drew Tethered, the more miserable it made me. I knew the style wasn’t working for me and I was trying harder and harder to do something that just didn’t fit me as an artist. The story was waaaayyy darker than I originally anticipated too. At the beginning I wanted Ed to be cute and quirky (you can kind of see that from the moment of sass he gave Cara when they first met), but other people advised me against it and told me to make all these different changes to the story and characters, that in the end it was like trying to drag a dead horse.

I have nothing against dark, I like dark. However for people who know me, also know that I’m weird and like to joke and laugh a lot (yea, get a lot of people telling me they could never lose me, they just need to follow my laugh!) I lost the zing for Tethered and I was literally only drawing it for the readers, and not for myself.

Anyhow, enough of me going on about that. The decision on the style was a massive leap of faith. I know many people say it’s too cute and doesn’t suit a dark story, but as I said, I ain’t going for dark. Don’t get me wrong, Khepra is going to have some flicking dark moments in it, but with what I have planned; the style is only going to contribute to that. I don’t WANT readers to have a normal experience when you see what these characters are going to be dealing with. I am going to make you squirm and laugh hysterically at you along the way >:D Sure, it might be weird and sick, but that suits me better. So please don’t expect to have the same experience as before. Though there are many aspects that are similar to Tethered, it will be something new.

Without further ado, here’s a link to the new comic: KHEPRA ON WEBTOONS

As a final note – to those of you who have sent me emails over the past year…I am soooo freaking sorry I didn’t see them until recently!!! Thank you so much for reading and being patient with me as I went through my thing.