Main Cast Members


Cara’s a young woman who has been travelling through the South of England, until this point, on her own. Cara is on a self-appointed mission to reunite with her adopted sister, who above all will answer many burning questions Cara holds about past events. Along the way Cara encounters Ed, and at first she resented having to depend on Ed, but after witnessing so much together they soon develop a bond and admiration for one another. This is strengthened after Cara realises there is more to Ed than what she originally assumed.


Ed is a Medical Droid that wakes up at the beginning of the Drop War and told to hide via mysterious messages on a terminal. Disguising himself as a human, he does just that. After encountered Cara, he assesses that it would be safer with her than on his own. With no memory on his past, he journeys with Cara to find out who he is and why both sides of the war want him so badly.


Cara’s adopted sister who is part of Rothers Ark. Usually seen with a frown, she can be harsh and straight to the point. Despite this, Cara longs to have a close relationship with her sister, deep-down admiring her and longing for Niley’s recognition. However, when she eventually receives it, it brings a whole lot of trouble and a world of pain.

Larry Weatherford

A soft-hearted goof, Larry would love to make everyone his friend. Basically the human form of a labrador! He’s the only technician at the Southern Andraste base, and a valuable asset to their cause. He hypes over the chance for doing Ed’s maintenance, and openly admires the skills of Ed’s owners. Whenever things go south, Larry will be your shoulder to cry on, and loyal movie-watching buddy!

Captain Agatha Stratford

The Captain of the Southern Andaste base, she is hard-nosed and will always put duty first. Though her stern posture and mannerism may be difficult to read, you can tell that deep down she does care for those around her, at times showing signs of this through little gestures or the yellow rose on her desk.

Joan Rothers “Mother”

The main antagonist of the story. Joan is a woman wrapped in mystery though she has an entire army fiercely loyal to her. Over the course of 40 years, she built up her dreams to the point of fruition, causing a worldwide war to bring her idealism to life. She can be seen as a child at the beginning of the comic, where they claim she is the sole survivor of “The Village Massacre”. A story that is soon forgotten by the world, but is the fuel that caused it to nearly end.

General Keon Rothers

The adopted son of Joan Rothers, Keon takes pleasure from the power that his role gives him, but finds frustration when he can’t use it to its full potential. When given the opportunity to fight in any of the battles he will take it. There is a dark, sinister side to Keon, one that enjoys the suffering of others because of his lack of empathy, however, he has an unbreakable loyalty and a huge amount of respect for his mother, one that is as close to love that he will ever get.

The Can

The Captain for the M6 Andraste base, The Can is a cheeky Scottish bastard with a big heart and passion for knowledge. He has an ongoing (and fairly open) crush on Captain Agatha Stratford, and enjoys teasing her about it at any given chance. Many around him have respect for the Captain and his dedication to the war effort, even though most of them feel like they have to ‘cope’ with his strange sense of humour and lack of respect for rank boundaries.

Dr. Quinn Cooper-Singh

At the heart of the war effort, you will find Dr. Cooper-Singh, even Joan Rothers knows of him and is connected in one way or another. Throughout the comic, it becomes apparent that he is Ed’s owner and had made advance upgrades to Ed’s system which makes him differ greatly from other droids. It is also clear that Ed used to be the droid who had cared for the Cooper-Singh’s unwell son. What is unclear is why he made those upgrades, Why Rothers wants the droid so desperately herself, and why the droid is the key part in which direction the warpath will follow.

Alana Cooper-Singh

The wife and loving partner to Dr. Cooper-Singh. She is mostly seen in the comic as holding a supporting role to their son and her husband, but is clearly the person to keep Quinn grounded in reality and not lost in his work. In flashbacks she can be seen as a caring mother, always reading and playing with their son in the absence of Quinn, which is something that haunts the Dr. for many years to come.

Ewan “Coco” Cooper-Singh

Fondly called “Coco” or “Little Copper” by his parents, Ewan is only seen at this moment in flashbacks. Little is known about his illness or what comes of him, other than that he is in a “fragile state”. Since he was young he was cared for by his mother and a medical droid assistant, and always took comfort in having both of them around. He was barely caught anywhere without his trusty droid plushie either!