Khepra is a reboot of the original comic that can be found on this website in Archive. Though the story has been completely rewritten, the basic concept remains the same. Tethered began on DeviantArt back in 2013, with many influences ranging from 2001: Space Odessey to Chappie (basically any movie that has sentient robots/droids!)

It has rapidly changed in style since the Tethered days, much owing to the roots in animation that the creator came from. Having found that the original story had also trailed away from its roots, it was seen fit to reboot the entire content rather than giving up on trying.


The Story

In a war that has consumed the world, Britain finds itself isolated to fight battles it unwittingly began. The only hope they have to atone for their past mistakes lies in a bond formed between a lone survivor and a medical droid.

The premise heavily revolves around the relationship between Ed (a medical droid) and Cara, as they find themselves encountering many horrific events and traumatic experiences together. This develops their respect for each other as well as strengthening their needs to protect one another from further atrocities.

As they encounter others on their journeys, we discover just how tied to the world and its fate they truly are. This is only the icing on the cake however when they find that not all is as it seems, and those they should trust are weighed down by the truth behind the suffering of the world.



In August 2015, after a spur of a moment decision, Tasha entered the original comic “Tethered” into the LINEWebtoons Sci-fi contest. It was a long and very challenging battle, but eventually Tethered came 2nd among over 800 entries! The comic gained many new and awesome readers, as well as boosting Tasha’s confidence in storytelling (though don’t worry, they knows not to let their head get too big!)

In 2021 Tasha was interviewed by The Geekiary about the development of Khepra and how the story is progressing. You can find and read it [HERE]!




The artist and creator of Khepra (originally Tethered). They thrives in cold dank places and can communicate with cats. Intolerant to Gluten and twats. Might be a work-a-holic. Still living through the honeymoon-period with their husband Shane, where they both geek out over Fallout, cartoons, comics and well-made food.

Shane Sheenan

Tasha’s husband. Shane is also the writer and creator for Beefpaper, and runs a cute clipart store on Etsy and Teachers Pay Teachers! Shane helps maintain websites, Tasha’s dusty computer and does the chores while Tasha’s at work. He also helps with brainstorming and listening while Tasha goes on a creative rant to figure out the story and plot out loud.

Timur Askerov

The official dedicated Tethered Russian translator! You can read the Russian translation [HERE]!